How good is your eyesight? Spend a few mins looking at what's on top and try to replicate below.

Grow your ball, add up to 2 more, whatever you do - make sure the sizes add up!

This game would have been my entry for Jammin 2019, alas time was not on my side.

Made with Phaser, and in the Caribbean with ♥


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Reached level 10

This idea can make for a fun mobile game. Use pinch functionality to increase or decrease the size of the ball. Have it energy based where not getting it exact will not end the game but remove some energy based on the difference of the areas.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! That’s really good feedback. I think pretty much all my Phaser games are going to be rewritten in Unity, and there’s some thought on how I can improve the gaming experience - so I really appreciate your suggestions!

Can't get past level 8? It presents 4 balls but the max is 3.

I probably should put a notice in game, you can only add 2 more balls! Don't want to make it too easy for us :-)

ooooooo I got it ;p